Happy Birthday!

Today TNG turns 24!! (since it debuted) which coming from a pair at the grand old age of 29 it doesn’t seem that old. However upon hearing that Enterprise turned 10 years old on the 26th….What The Spock!?  Is there a rip in the space time continuum??

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Star Trek Ongoing

Star Trek Ongoing #1
Review by Sam

Carole is a comic reader and I have always felt less of a geek because of it. But its time to change that and I have gone out and bought my first Comic! (by go out – I mean visit the App store and download it!). 
Techie stuff: 

I went for the iPad download as I don’t have a comic book store nearby (for shame) and I prefer magazines etc via digital download, the pictures ‘pop’ and if you spill your raktajino all over it, well you just make yourself another one and carry on reading.
I think there was a lot more they could have done with the media though, I found myself rotating the screen from Landscape to Portrait to make sure I was getting the best picture. It moves smoothly but I have seen with some of the Marvel comics that they can fill the page with one image rather than page and the images slide nicer. There is also a limited capacity for zooming. But over all, better than paper.

The story is pretty much the episode Where no man has gone before. I knew they were ‘re-imagining’ old episodes using the new cast but at the moment there isn’t too much imagination. I’ll be gutted if they don’t bring back Dr. Dehner. Even though they say this isn’t connected to the films it does have Robert Orci as a creative consultant and does have JJ’s backing. Hopefully they will fulfil our Trekkie wish support the Make Me Dehner campaign to get actress and Televixon Mary Czerwinski into the role of Elizabeth Dehner. 
But overall it was a good length, not too long and I am looking forward to the next installment. But my opinion don’t count for much, they can make utter rubbish, label it Star Trek and I’ll still swallow it!

Ohh I just remembered, this isn’t the first comic I read – I also bought Countdown. Now that was good! It helped me come to terms with the whole ‘separate timeline’ issue because we got to see that the 24th century as we know it still exists (albeit it minus Romulus rather than Vulcan!) and life was carrying on as normal. Its like another mirror universe but more fabulous and shiny.
It also helps viewers understand the background to the film, e.g. red matter which was glazed over for risk of perplexing the new viewers (most of which are Star Wars fans so we have to take it easy on them, no big words etc)

So now I’m thinking of seeking out new comics…I may try Green Lantern??

Episode 3 – Crushes and Crusher

The Trekkie Girls reveal their not-so-obvious Star Trek crushes and they put their Trekkie In Training through the ultimate Kobayashi Maru test.

The Neutral Zone

The first one is Dirty, the second is good for a one night stand and the third will last you allllll night.

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