Happy New Year!


Carole and Sam at our New Years Eve party
We love New Years Eve and celebrated 4 time zones! At 10pm we celebrated the Estonian New Year with our lovely Estonian friend Kaidi.
Then we thought we had better celebrate Central European Time for our European neighbours. Then it was good old GMT time, centre of the universe! 
We went to bed just after New York hit midnight. 
We have had a great year and starting Trekkie Girls has definitely been a highlight for us (we had been talking about it for 15 years!) 
We did have lots of trek shenanigans on NYE though, and whilst we were in our civvies that didn’t stop our friends suiting up:
I read on a forum once that Rod Roddenberry would shake the hand of any man wearing the TNG skant. Well I must say that I think our friend Steve pulled it off very nicely! Can’t say the same of our mate Andy though but hey, he might make an ok cabin boy for Kirk?


We also spent new years discussing how you could possibly celebrate NYE in space?

No wonder they need to stock the bar with synthohol, every other day must be someones new year.
Imagine sitting in Ten Forward when someone announces its Bajoran New Year, everyone knocks back the spring wine, when an hour later some smart-arse yells out “Now its Bajoran New Year  in Dahkur Provence”…more spring wine.
Then a lonely Bajoran ensign sighs, “we don’t have new years on Derna, the forth moon. its always dark”  
Screw it, open the Kanar.
As much as we love New Years, and as much as it would be irritating celebrate on a starship we can see how enjoyable it must be to celebrate all the different celebrations and traditions that exist out there. (We’ll pass on a lot of the Bajoran ones though!)
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

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