Coolant Leak! I mean Photo Leak!

So JJ is upset about the photos that were leaked from the movie set. Upset!? I’d be furious! Have they got a Ferengi in charge of security?
We happened to get a glimpse of one of these pictures, for a split second. Its hard to avoid spoilers and images like that when you’re engaged in the Star Trek community. 
It’s not just a shame that someone took these photo’s but that it spread like a tribble epidemic. We were enjoying the mystery of not knowing whether Cumberbatch was playing a Talosian or a Klingon. 

Eventually details will be revealed but I think the build up and the way information is released is all part of the excitement and magic of movie making.

‘Spoilers’ is an appropriate name for leaks.

*wish this rant was more Picard-esque!*

Episode 13 – Live from Trekkie Girl HQ!

This episode of Trekkie Girls was filmed in front of a Live Audience!
Introducing our new TiTs (Trekkies in Training) Sy and Kazzie
Also meet our TWAT (Trekkie With Advanced Training) Teressa
But are there Romulans amongst us??
And why you should NEVER say Qapla at an airport


Trek Space – Faced

What a great honour, Sam is chuffed today because her TrekSpace profile picture has been featured on its badge! Yes that tiny picture is of Sam.
Fame at last!
Trek Space is a social networking site for Star Trek fans. It’s great because it’s only about Star Trek so unlike Facebook, you don’t have to talk to your real life friends and family.
Come and be friends with Sam of Trek Space. And use the comment box below to nag Carole into joining!  

Looking for par’Mach?

There’s been plenty of romance and bromance on Trek over the years so us Trekkie Girls have been looking for par’Mach in all the right places….

After discussing which members of the cast we’d most like to Pon Farr with, (Sam: Data, call me!) we decided to shake it up and think about which characters would be a good match across the series. Which characters do you think would make a great couple?

Uhura and Julian Bashir


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