Coolant Leak! I mean Photo Leak!

So JJ is upset about the photos that were leaked from the movie set. Upset!? I’d be furious! Have they got a Ferengi in charge of security?
We happened to get a glimpse of one of these pictures, for a split second. Its hard to avoid spoilers and images like that when you’re engaged in the Star Trek community. 
It’s not just a shame that someone took these photo’s but that it spread like a tribble epidemic. We were enjoying the mystery of not knowing whether Cumberbatch was playing a Talosian or a Klingon. 

Eventually details will be revealed but I think the build up and the way information is released is all part of the excitement and magic of movie making.

‘Spoilers’ is an appropriate name for leaks.

*wish this rant was more Picard-esque!*

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