Happy Mothers Day

We wish all the mummies a Happy Mothers Day today. Some of our favourite Star Trek mums include the infamous Lwaxana Troi, Dr Crusher and Keiko O’Brien.
Lets not forget the step mums too, Cassidy Yates and Leeta make wonderful step mothers, completely obliterating the 21st century stereotype that they are all mean. And then there is the surrogates, Kira Nerys, Deanna Troi and Trip! 
But the real hero’s are the Trekkie Mums back on Earth, in the present. Our Trekkie With Advanced Training – Teressa is one such mum who is on a mission to assimilate her children. We suggested she put them in a maturation chamber until they are 18 but UNICEF took offence to that plan. Instead Teressa is opting for the good old fashion approach and will be documenting her efforts for us to learn from.

So here we have it.  Part one of Trekkie Mum…..

By Teressa

Evie, Teressa and Annabell


I have found it increasing difficult over the years to find time to watch my beloved star trek.  With a husband who “doesn’t do Sci-Fi” and two children to run around after there are just not enough hours in the day to sit down with a cup of tea, put my feet up and indulge in a little ST time.

But times are changing my children have reached an age that I feel is ready for the introduction of Star Trek.  How do I know this?  Well, until recently every time the SyFy channel was on they would wail “ohh no not Voyager”  Let me explain, about a year ago I watched nothing but Voyager at any free moment I was trying to get them into it.  The children were too young to enjoy the show. They saw Voyager as the evil entity that took them away from Hannah Montana.  They really hated Voyager and would complain & moan every time it was on. I just wanted to share and enjoy something that I loved. I thought they would wake up one morning and just “get it”

Unfortunately this has not been the case & time is ticking on.  I needed to get their attention before the window closes & they loose interest.

Since the Voyager disaster I have tried a new tactic to try to win them over.  Please be warned it is not for the faint hearted.  It takes time, devotion & quite a bit of bribery.

I like to think I’ve been grooming my children to the Star Trek way of life for many years.  They can both perform the Vulcan Salute with ease.  I have spent years with ST on in the background so they can subconsciously take in parts of the program.  I openly talk about my love of all things ST.  Recently I have deviated from ST, mad I know but I had to throw them off the scent.  I swear they knew I was trying to assimilate them & just fought me at every opportunity.  So I took the long route.  It began with occasionally watching Big Bang theory with them. (they like Sheldon)  I like all the ST references & Guest stars (when we watch TNG I can say “look, he was in BBT”)  Then we stared watching mums choice of films, Transformers, Xmen, anything Marvel & Star wars* I then started watching EUReKA and kicking my kids out of the living room while I do so.  This instantly makes them want to come in and watch.  We are now at the point that when we get home from school they ask to watch EUReKA.  Its been a great introduction for them into the Sci-Fi way of thinking.

We have nearly finished the show and when that runs out there will be no more mummy daughter TV.  I can’t pretend I’m giving them an extra special treat by letting them watch one more before bed.  So they’re going to miss out on the two hours a day we spend watching a great show & talking about robotic dogs, space ships & how someone managed to go back in time and accidentally change the space time continuum.  Unless………

“Girls I do have the whole season of this one on the sky box,  We could give it a go?”.

I am about to assimilate my children into the world of TNG.

Resistance is Futile.

* Star Wars Is not recommended for Girls.  Mine are age six & nine.  They didn’t cope well with it.  I think the plot was too hard to follow & the fact that the boys at school like it put them off.  I have shelved SW until they are a bit older.

One thought on “Happy Mothers Day”

  1. Good, tactic Teressa. My daughter Kaylan has recently going beyond the fun side of a ST and asking about the moral behind it. Dad gets out the The after viewing the episode and Kaylan gets her milk and Kookies. Then starts the conversations about how the Characters solved and dilemas and problems of an episode as opposed to how real life people solve them. I was surprised to see my 10 year old girl showing an optimism despite the way our society and goervments run things. I hope she keeps up that positive attitude…

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