Trek Playlist Part Two

We all know what a great influence Star Trek has had on technology and the sciences but we hadn’t appreciated what a huge impact it has had on the music industry. In our first post we shared some of our favourite Star Trek bands and Fan created songs. In this post we will share with you more from our Trek Playlist including regular songs with Star Trek References and also some of the Actors from Trek who are also performers and have albums.
These blog posts were inspired by a thread on the Showmasters forum.

21st Century Star Trek Songs

This category is for contemporary songs with some reference to Star Trek. There must be loads that we don’t know about so please share. But these are some of our favs. See bottom of post for links to Amazon MP3s where available.
Herf Nerder – Mr Spock. Not only is the name of this band a Star Wars slur but they wrote the theme tune (and sang the theme tune) to Buffy. All Trekkie Girls can relate to this song. Look out for their video too, for green girls, tribbles and redshirts! There’s also an interview with them on

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Convention Report: London Film and Comic Con

We arrived at LFCC about 10am on Saturday 7th. Our Mission: To report on the phenomena that is Comic Con….
Despite being early and having a schedule that a Space Station operations manager would be proud of, we still managed to be 15 mins late to the Star Trek talk (the horror!).
This consisted of Gates McFadden, Elizabeth Dennehy, Hallie Todd and Tracee Cocco. As Sam walked in she pointed at Tracee and yelled ‘Ohh its HER from ops!’ – so crass! 

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Trekkie Girls ep 21 – Convention Report: London Film and Comic Con

Here is a brief taster from Saturdays London Film and Comic Con. Sorry about the sound quality, but as you can hear, the place was buzzing!
We’ll bring you more pictures and a write up shortly…..

Trekkie Girls ep 20 – Celeb Talk

The Trekkie Girls respond to questions from followers including; what we think of the newly announced Star Trek London line up and; How to make the most of your time talking to the guest stars.

Trek Playlists

You’re in your bedroom fixing your latex ears or adjusting your ridges. You’re driving to a Star Trek convention the other side of the country or you’re wasted on Romulan Ale on Captain Picard Day. What’s on your playlist?

Remarkably, there is so much to choose from, we will have to do this post in two parts. We thought we’d share with you some of our favs. Split into different categories depending on your mood. In this post we bring you, Star Trek bands and Internet creations.
24th Century Rockbands, Marooned in the 21st Century.

Warp 11 were the first Star Trek themed Rockband we discovered and it was instant love. The band consists of Captain Karl Miller, Chief Engineer Brian Moore, Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer and John ‘Number One’ Merlino.
The band have just released their 7th Album – Borgasm and if its anything like the 6 preceding it, we’re in for a treat. Our favourite albums are Red Alert and Boldly Go Down On Me – and with album covers like this, who can blame us! Whilst their style is predominately rock and punk, they dabble in a bit of country (Old Country Doctor) our tricorders even detected some ska.

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