Is DSTL ready?

Remember earlier this year, trekkies across the land and far away got very excited when this webpage appeared overnight….

We got speculating right away with some rather grandiose ideas. Over time Destination Star Trek London (as it is now known) has slowly teased us with news on what is bound to be the most epic convention the Star Trek franchise has ever seen.

But we haven’t forgotten how much the organisers have enjoyed teasing us, drip-feeding us information whilst keeping us hungry for more.

Troi says turnaround is fair play……


Federation Olympics

Olympic fever has gripped Britain and a great deal of the planet. But we wonder how this ancient tradition will go forth and shape the 24th Century and beyond?
From what we can see from all series is that sport is huge! Sport players hold more fame and prestige than entertainers (If the holographic comic in The Outrageous Okona is anything to go by, then its because there are no talented entertainers!)
The values and the principles of Olympics are represented in the ideals of the Federation so it is our hope that the Olympics boldly goes on to the 24th Century and beyond!
Here’s what we hope it might look like.

The Year is 2390. The games are being hosted by Earth in Athens. All hostilities between races have no place here. There’s been a great deal of debate in the news and on blogs (yes they still exist!) regarding the change in rules to allow genetically enhanced races and holograms to perform. Well they had to do something with all those Jem Hadar.

Source: Trekcore

Popular Games:
Parrises Squares
How we’d love to get tickets to this event.
What we know: Four players. This must have something to do with the square?
They have ion mallets and there is a ramp. It is considered dangerous.
The team from Minsk are supposedly quite good, probably why Worf likes to holiday there. You need to be very fit – just to look good in those gym kits! And whatever you do, don’t let your children play! Even little holographic children are not infallible. They will fall and die! *reaches for tissues*

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