Con Crazy!

Here at Trekkie Girls HQ we have been busier than the Borg collective, preparing for Destination Star Trek London that is hurtling towards us at lightspeed.

As we mentioned earlier we were privileged to be asked if we would blog live from the event. 

We spoke to one of the organisers yesterday and they confirmed the rumour that over 12,000 tickets have been sold!! 
Thats 12,000 + Trekkies! Our people, all in one place!

If that isn’t overwhelming enough, all 20 VIP tickets have been sold! We reckon the Grand Nagus organising this event is throwing his/her latinum in the air.

We have it on good authority that the show guide with the timetables will be realised really soon and merchandise will be available on before the event.

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Where ever you go…There Trek is.

Being a Trekkie is full time. There is no break from it. Why would anyone want one?
So even when we are on holiday, we see Star Trek all around us.

Sam was recently invited onto the TrekMate 24 hour podcast where she and Marc talked about the episode ‘Captains Holiday’. Sam recalled her holiday to America last month;
I hadn’t read a hardback book in a decade but I bought a big black one so I could slap it shut with one hand Picard-style whenever I was rudely interrupted. However in reality I was grateful everytime a poolboy offered me a refreshing beverage and secretly disappointed no one offered me Jamaharon. 

Everything was better when I spotted Wesley Drive though. 

We have recently returned from the South of France where we were out celebrating the pending marriage (or doom) of our Trekkie in Training Kaz, for which Carole is the maid of honour (There’s a special Bat’leth for that, right?) and Sam is the grooms sister.
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Trekkie Girls ep 23 & 24 – Still Surviving Conventions and Supplementary

This week is the 1st anniversary of Trekkie Girls! 
We had so much to say we had to make two episodes to share with you; Our forth instalment from the ‘How to survive a Star Trek Convention’. Announcements on our new website, our excitement to hear that Brent Spiner is coming to London! And that we are honoured to be official bloggers at Destination Star Trek London this October. So come along and see us and our friends at Trek Mate and Trek News and Views!


Retro Comic Revew: Planet X

By CaroleWith comic book movie fandom sweeping the nation, mostly due to Tom Hiddleston’s orgasm causing voice and the genius of Joss Whedon and Christopher Nolan,  I thought I’d take a moment to talk about the forgotten gem that is the Generation 1 Crossover and its sequel Planet X. Where the Next Generation crew meet members of the X-men, leading to the great moment when Worf and Wolverine share prune juice and my personal favourite momemt when Picard meets Professor X, which surely has the making of a great one man show starring Patrick Stewart. 

They may not have the iconic scene of previous Star Trek/Marvel crossovers in which we get to see Spock using the Vulcan nerve pinch on Wolverine, truely a moment to be savoured, and it maybe a little random (ok very random) but it is something that opens up my mind to some wonderful possibilities…and it got me thinking about how comicbook adaptions are all the rage and the fan talk of a TNG reboot perhaps the two ideas should be combined? Now i know your thinking ‘What The Spock’ but bare with me, if you just consider the potential cast then this has the making of a great movie;


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