Con Crazy!

Here at Trekkie Girls HQ we have been busier than the Borg collective, preparing for Destination Star Trek London that is hurtling towards us at lightspeed.

As we mentioned earlier we were privileged to be asked if we would blog live from the event. 

We spoke to one of the organisers yesterday and they confirmed the rumour that over 12,000 tickets have been sold!! 
Thats 12,000 + Trekkies! Our people, all in one place!

If that isn’t overwhelming enough, all 20 VIP tickets have been sold! We reckon the Grand Nagus organising this event is throwing his/her latinum in the air.

We have it on good authority that the show guide with the timetables will be realised really soon and merchandise will be available on before the event.

We are feeling pretty broke having spent all our pennies on costumes, hotels, train fare and that little holiday to Monaco (opps!) so we are mighty glad to learn that all of the scheduled talks, except the Captains, are free!

So if you have just paid the basic, entry, do not fear! There will be plenty to see and do. We will look after you too. We have fun games planned over the three days including competitions with prizes!

If you have been following us on Twitter then hopefully you have joined in with our #GuessTheGuests game.
Before the “final” guest announcements were made we challenged our followers to make three guesses for guests they thought DSTL would announce before the event begins.
For every guest that you incorrectly guess, you have to take a shot at the Klingon Party on the Saturday night! Carole and I are on two shots each at the moment!
Send us your #GuessTheGuests on twitter to join in!

Even though the guest have all been announced we have been to enough conventions to know that there can often be a surprise announcement even a day or two before the event. So we are clinging onto hope that Wil Wheaton might still beam in!

You will find us in the Bloggers Lounge along with the guys from Trek Mate and Trek News and Views.
So please come and say Qa’pla!

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