Sulu Trumps Obama

So Donald Trump is going to give an announcement tomorrow that’s going to blow a hole in Obama’s re-election campaign. Anyone else reminded of that time Commander Tomolok threated to beat up Captain Picard after school tomorrow to display the Enterprise’s broken hull in the Capital city of Romulas? 

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DSTL: All Good Things

Q once said ‘All good things must come to an end’. Sat here at Trekkie Girls HQ (a 1990’s identi-kit house with mock tudor cladding) we feel far removed from our trekkie bubble and Star Trek themed sets/props that we have been living in this weekend (ok MDF, glass buttons and glue).

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Bonjour Mon Capitaine

It doesn’t matter how many times we see Patrick Stewart, he always delivers something fresh, new and interesting. This is true of the questions fans ask him, most were orientated towards his overall career and interests rather than focusing on just his time in Star Trek.

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World Records and TNG Party

Last Night the Cast of DS9 and Enterprise very kindly threw TNG an anniversary party. Avery Brooks sang and played the piano. There were a lot more people attending than on Friday nights Klingon Monster Ball and much more of a celebratory feel. Audiences sat mesmerised at his music. We’re not entirely sure what genre it falls under but we like it.

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