Looking for Star Trek in all the mundane places

We’re starting to feel like that creepy boy from The Sixth Sense. We see Star Trek everywhere. Or is this too much of a coincidence for one supermarket?

Firstly, a confession to all of you who believe we always replicate our food or handmake our own hasperat. Sadly, it’s not true we have to resort to these Ferengi ran supermarkets occasionally.
But look who was wondering around the corridors of Tesco yesterday.

Spot the Voyager costume?? It’s not a great photo because I felt weird taking a picture of a stranger in Tesco. It was some sort of a mechanics costume but obviously designed to imitate Star Trek (Once you have eliminated every other possibility, what ever remains must be true). It was accurate right down to the blue undershirt. 

I tried to chase after him to ask whether it his attire was a nod to Trek. And also to shmooze through his shopping basket to look for clues regarding his origins. You never know, Tom Paris purchased burritos whilst shopping for communication equipment?

I continued to the checkout and then this happened:

£47.47 … really!?
Camera out again. This took more explaining and I didn’t explain it well. I notice the security guard at 10 o’clock. He obviously heard reports of a crazy lady snapping pictures of customers and ranting on about the number 47 being ‘a sign’
Now here is one everyone can look out for. Spotted on the side of Tesco’s lorries, we noticed this:
Do you see the small Star Trek Voyager video or book peeping out of the bag of the bag?
It’s as if the shopping bag is going to be delivered to Voyager, There’s coffee for Janeway, Peppers for Neelix and Bananas for B’Elanna’s pancakes.
Do you have any examples where you see Star Trek references in the most mundane places?
If anyone knows of a supermarket that stocks hasperat and jumja sticks please let us know!

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