Star Trek into Darkness Preview

The Star Wars/Disney conversation on the internet was briefly halted on the 14th Nov when Paramount Pictures announced it would be previewing 9 minutes of Star Trek into Darkness at IMAX cinemas. (Press release: PR Newswire)
Forgive us our morbidness, but anyone who has watched fanboys will understand. Every time there has been a Star Trek movie on the horizon, a dark thought, a dark twisty thought has entered our minds. For approximately 0.4 seconds (nearly an eternity, we know) we think ‘a year away….we might be dead!’. Bizarre, but nonetheless, we mere mortals can never be sure when our time up and we can’t help but catastrophize whilst waiting for new Star Trek. 

Therefore we are mighty glad to hear that IMAX cinemas are releasing a 9 minute preview of Star Trek into Darkness on December 15th. This is even better news if you happen to believe the world ends on the 21st Dec. We haven’t had any confirmation that this is definitely happening in the UK but it simply has too right? (The preview, not TEOTWAWKI).
Being the nosey and impatient girls we are, we have been on the phone to the good people what run IMAX and politely asked if they would reveal their secret plans to us.
After speaking to the British Film Institute IMAX at Waterloo (‘the big one in London’ to you and I) they have already arranged their schedule and timings so have said it’s ‘unlikely’. – we hear ‘maybe’?
As for the rest of the Odeons, well they don’t know yet. Or that could be really polite language for ‘we don’t want to tell you yet’.
But if we hear anything we will gladly share so we can all plan our next away mission. Please let us know if you hear anything too. One man we are yet to mindmeld for information is Simon Pegg after he sent this all-knowing tweet:
If you think that end of the world stuff is hokum then you haven’t heard the whole story. After the thrill and excitement of being teased by Star Trek in the trailers, you then discover you have paid to watch The Hobbit. You’ll wish it was the end of the world. It might even be the 21st Dec by the time the film ends.


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