9 Minutes, 8 Cinemas IN THE UK!..So far….

Sometimes we get jealous of our American Cousins. When it comes to receiving their Star Trek dosage they get Venus drug potency whilst we get vanilla. The balance has started to change though and we got excited a couple of weeks ago when we learnt that 500 IMAX cinemas worldwide would be showing the Star Trek into Darkness 9 minute preview along side The Hobbit.

Worldwide…..that has to include the UK, right?!
Well we have been searching and searching and today we were provided with a list of the first 8 Cinemas to announce that they will be showing this preview. Whilst we’re very excited to find out it seems that this news has been out for almost two weeks! 

But in case we’re not the last people in the UK to learn about this here are the locations with more to be announced soon:










As soon as the others are announced we will let you know (and if you hear first, please tell us!) We’ll also let you know which IMAX we are at and will be delivering a report from the event and getting reactions (If we ask nicely they’ll let us stroll into the cinema with all our recording equipment!). Don’t worry we’ll have strict spoiler policies in place.

Before you book your tickets, you might want to wait as only selected viewings will be showing the preview. As soon as we hear more, we’ll pass it on.


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