2013 Qapla’ !

Happy new year to all our followers. We wanted to say Thank you to each of you that reads our blog and watches our videos. 

We find that years are a bit like Star Trek Movies. The even numbered ones always work out better. But we love the odd numbered ones too and are grateful to have them. We have had the most incredible year and it’s going to be hard to top but we have a Betazoid sense that 2013 is going to be better.

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Another Star Trek into Darkness Trailer

Just as we calm down from from our very public geek out out the Star Trek preview last Friday we are treated with another new trailer! Lucky us! Check it out HERE.

We know Star Trek loves viral campaigns but who ever spotted the www.areyouthe1701.com website that was written next to the brig in the trailer must have been wearing Geordi’s VISOR because we can’t see it for looking! Nonetheless, we signed up, and you should too!

As you know, we don’t like unauthorised leaks. Our blog doesn’t share leaked photos and when we talk about rumours, it’s usually with a hint of mockery and an advisory note of caution. But when it comes to approved trailers and previews we trust that the information given to us is designed to enhance our experience. Although we do respect that others might prefer not to know, so we try to give spoiler notice at those moments.  That moment is here. After the jump we talk about the new trailer…
=^= Slight spoiler warning =^=
I’m not sure whether as fans we are looking for Wrath of Khan links because we have got used to thinking that way. We’re hoping with the invention of a new baddie, they’ll move away from TWOK looking to make their own mark in the Star Trek Universe. But the presence of Carol Marcus and the alleged death of Spock in the first 9 minutes does indicate some similarities. We also noticed the slight TWOK-yness (yes that’s a word now) with this uniform:
Loving the insignia, looks very familiar though.
We have some good hunches about the film though, we’ll share them with you on a Trekkie Girls episode soon but Carole has full blown CumberFever at the moment. Unlike TWOKyness, we can’t take credit for that term.


Star Trek into Darkness UK IMAX Exclusive Preview

Warning: contains spoilers!

We have lived the Trekkie dream this morning by attending the Exclusive Footage Preview at the British Film Institutes IMAX in London kindly shown by Paramount Pictures. Shown before any of the many 9 minute previews scheduled around Britain along side the Hobbit.

Initial reaction: replicate us some new underwear please!

Check out our video for the scoop.

Warning: this video contains detailed information about the first 9 minutes of Star Trek into Darkness:


We noticed that a lot of the images from the trailer make more sense when watched in this short sequence such as the vulcano, the red planet and why the Enterprise is under water.
As well as being action packed it looks like it promises humour. There seemed to be more of a sense of family amongst the crew, the comraderie rise of working together for some time.

Cumberbatch’s character John Harrison is introduced at the beginning, it is unknown if he is a Starfleet officer at this point. We did ask him but understandably he couldn’t say.

London looks incredible in the mid 22nd century and sat here in central London typing this in the 21st century, we can’t get there soon enough.

We were blown out of our cinema seats like a redshirt when JJ Abrams appeared on screen. He couldn’t make it as he was working on finishing the other 1 hour 55 minutes but sent Brian Burk the producer of Star Trek into Darkness. He was able to answer some questions about filming (so many questions from the audience about the use of IMAX!). Simon Pegg appeared on screen and gave some cracking Star Wars jokes!

Then Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve appeared! Carole nearly stage rushed Benedict! We asked them first hand to confirm their identities and they are indeed Carol Marcus and John Harrison.

Highlight: Spock gives us a familiar nostalgic quote

Weird bit: Fear we will see Trekkie wearing Starfleet issue wetsuits at conventions from now on.

Waiting five months for the rest is going to torture but us fans are used to waiting. Trust us, this’ll be worth it!

Star Trek into Darkness preview pt. 1

Carole and Sam discuss their expectations ahead of seeing the Exclusive Footage Presentation by Paramount Pictures at the BFI IMAX


Star Trek into Darkness Preview – Back to that London

Us Trekkie Girls are setting are alarm clocks to unknown morning hours and heading back to that London tomorrow for the 9 minute preview of Star Trek into Darkness…
The complete list of UK IMAX cinemas showing the preview have now been release (see below). Ironically this list includes the BFI IMAX that we spoke to a few weeks ago and they said there were no plans so we reckon that was squeezed in last minute!
Speaking of the BFI IMAX we have the privilege of being invited to an ‘exclusive footage presentation’ tomorrow morning- We think that is fancy for the 9 minute preview without having to watch the Hobbit! Look out for us on Twitter and Facebook where we will be sharing our adventure and excitement from the BFI IMAX in London. As far as we can tell, this will be the first UK showing of the preview, so we are rather geeked out!

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