Star Trek into Darkness Preview – Back to that London

Us Trekkie Girls are setting are alarm clocks to unknown morning hours and heading back to that London tomorrow for the 9 minute preview of Star Trek into Darkness…
The complete list of UK IMAX cinemas showing the preview have now been release (see below). Ironically this list includes the BFI IMAX that we spoke to a few weeks ago and they said there were no plans so we reckon that was squeezed in last minute!
Speaking of the BFI IMAX we have the privilege of being invited to an ‘exclusive footage presentation’ tomorrow morning- We think that is fancy for the 9 minute preview without having to watch the Hobbit! Look out for us on Twitter and Facebook where we will be sharing our adventure and excitement from the BFI IMAX in London. As far as we can tell, this will be the first UK showing of the preview, so we are rather geeked out!

All the UK IMAX cinema’s showing the preview alongside the Hobbit on 14th December:

We think Cumberbatch is on the ruins of the
A complete list of International cinemas can be found HERE. (Thanks to @TrekMovie for the link). Remember what we mentioned earlier, not all showings of the Hobbit will be showing the trailer. Maybe phone and check with the cinema first?

What cinema will you be watching from?


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