Another Star Trek London…possibly?

If you have been following the Enterprise D Restoration Project (of course you are) then you have probably already noticed this little gem in their facebook status today:
Note: Possibly ST London!? This could be a mistake or they might have let the Tribbles out the hatch.
By Data’s fully functioning phaser we hope this is a clue that the convention gods founders are plotting us a treat with a second Star Trek London. And if you’re uming and ahhing about whether it will happen, remember that in the Trek universe, even numbers are always better.
Our friends at Trek Mate started this petition to bring back Destination Star Trek London, please sign if you want to bring it back.

First Contact Celebrations

What will you be doing to celebrate? We will be at the Leicester Space Centre at: Dawn of The Federation. 

All over the world fans are gathering to celebrate the countdown to the moment Zefram Cochrane makes First Contact and thrusts mankind into a new era of peace.
Whilst we look forward to the uniting of fans, the shared optimism of space travel and the general geekness of this event, we are really looking forward to a fun, lighthearted atmosphere. This is a great chance to get costumed up but this ain’t no Vicars and Tarts party, more like Vulcans and Warp field specialists knocking back tequila’s like Troi.

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Campaign for London to host World Premiere of ST: Into Darkness

London Prime Calling. The Trekkie Girls give three reasons why the World Premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness should happen in London:

1. The film features London. We in the 21st Century wish to show solidarity with our 23rd Century decedents.

2. Lots of British talent in the film, such as Cumberbatch, Pegg and Eve. We’d like to celebrate that in our capital.

3. British Trek fandom is at an all time high with record numbers attending events. London is also having an incredible year hosting global events – now we want a galactic celebration.

Please share and spread the word #London4IntoDarkness

Star Trek Magazine – DSTL report

We couldn’t feel more honoured if we we won a bloodwine drinking competition against a Dahar master, but here we are in The Official Star Trek Magazine.

Along side our mates from Trek Mate, this edition provides an indepth account of Destination Star Trek London and part of that included speaking to the ‘official bloggers’ – that’s us!

The article also provides a good look at the ‘behind the scenes’ of the event. This makes facinating reading whether or not you attended.

It was a special privilege to speak to Star Trek Magazine’s editor Christopher Cooper, as we have been reading the magazine since its inception.

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The Decon Diaries

The Trekkie Girls meet in the Enterprise NX-01’s Decontamination Chamber after witnessing their bosses (Trip and T’Pol) pushing the boundaries of social decorum. 
This is the first of the Decon Diaries, a regular feature exploring life through the eyes of two Starfleet gals on the first starship named Enterprise.
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