Campaign for London to host World Premiere of ST: Into Darkness

London Prime Calling. The Trekkie Girls give three reasons why the World Premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness should happen in London:

1. The film features London. We in the 21st Century wish to show solidarity with our 23rd Century decedents.

2. Lots of British talent in the film, such as Cumberbatch, Pegg and Eve. We’d like to celebrate that in our capital.

3. British Trek fandom is at an all time high with record numbers attending events. London is also having an incredible year hosting global events – now we want a galactic celebration.

Please share and spread the word #London4IntoDarkness

One thought on “Campaign for London to host World Premiere of ST: Into Darkness”

  1. Hi girls,Alan OShea here from Dublin and now in Northern Ireland. I wish you every success with this venture and fully support the idea. I organised in my time the film premier of Star Trek Generations and First Contact in Dublin at the time of their release and had some of the cast there for that, a great experience had by all, would like to chat with you regarding this as have plans to have premier again in Belfast and Dublin this time. Please email me at to chat further.Alan

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