Ep 31 – Carol Marcus’s Bra

Following the release of the new Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer, there has been a lot of reaction, both positive and negative to the scene of Carol Marcus in her underwear. We share our thoughts on the scene that has got the fans talking…and drooling!


Trek Twitter Tuesday 19th – 26th March

We love twittering our thoughts but find they seem to disappear of the edge of the galactic barrier once sent, so we thought we’d include a weekly blog post  to our favourite Tweets.  Hope you relish them as much as we.

WWF Earth Hour Into Darkness Video

You have to check out this video of last nights London Into Darkness light show for WWF’s Earth Hour.
They should do this every night!

London goes Into Darkness for Earth Hour

Source: TrekMovie

Starfleet Insignia beams over London as it goes Into Darkness for Earth Hour.

When we started our London4IntoDarkness campaign (to bring the worldwide premiere of STID to London) we bothered loads of important people with our idea. The feedback we got from the likes of Paramount was ‘probably not the worldwide premiere, but Brits will not be disappointed with what we have planned for London’. And like Darmok with his arms wide open, we certainly have not been.

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Star Trek Into Darkness New Trailer

Spreading faster than a a rumour on DS9 is the latest Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer.

We have been lucky enough to see a big chunk of the film already but this includes lots of new scenes. Some battle scenes are familiar to the Trek universe, you’ll recognise the Kazon assault manoeuvre  – blasting a conference room from the outside in your ship (we have all been in meetings where we wished BC would bring a swift end to it!)
And the ‘closing-doors-on-dysonsphere-manoeure’ – look how panicky they are! Did you see the crew of Ent-D worrying? Nope, just swayed to the left slightly.
How frickin epic does this look though!! So glad we are getting it a bit earlier in the UK. It’s starting to kill us now, seeing this much but not enough! MAY THE NINTH BE WITH US!