Star Trek Into Darkness New Trailer

Spreading faster than a a rumour on DS9 is the latest Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer.

We have been lucky enough to see a big chunk of the film already but this includes lots of new scenes. Some battle scenes are familiar to the Trek universe, you’ll recognise the Kazon assault manoeuvre  – blasting a conference room from the outside in your ship (we have all been in meetings where we wished BC would bring a swift end to it!)
And the ‘closing-doors-on-dysonsphere-manoeure’ – look how panicky they are! Did you see the crew of Ent-D worrying? Nope, just swayed to the left slightly.
How frickin epic does this look though!! So glad we are getting it a bit earlier in the UK. It’s starting to kill us now, seeing this much but not enough! MAY THE NINTH BE WITH US!

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