Chris Hadfield’s Five Month Mission

Commander Chris Hadfield, of the Canadian Space Agency and until yesterday, Station Commander of the International Space Station only appeared on our sensors when William Shatner, MBB, publicised a live chat with a fellow canadian who works in outer space. Since then we have been obsessed with this guy. We know we are not alone, with 800,000 twitter followers and a list of celebrity fans as long a warp nacelle he is a popular astronaut.

Like all who have followed his adventures, we have also enjoyed his photos, his YouTube videos, blobs of water and zero-g guitar. But what really does it for us is his ability to capture the human spirit for adventure, exploration and curiosity. These are all the elements within Star Trek which have made it immensely popular and stand up to the the test of time.
We were a generation too late to watch the moon landing, or watch The Original Series when it’s revolutionary message was delivered at such a poignant period. But Chris has been able to capture the sense of fun and excitement in space travel and science which is sorely needed.
There has been some great banter with some of the Star Trek actors over his 5 month mission including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Wil Wheaton that you can see here

So thank you Commander for your efforts. You are true citizen of the planet. we’ll miss you flying over our homes and watching over our world. Safe landing and Live Long and Prosper.

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