Away Mission – London Film and Comic Con

After a brief period of having to deal with real life 21st century issues we are grateful for a distraction this weekend and will going on an away mission to London Film and Comic Con!

It’s the best bit about British Summer Time if you ask us! 
At this years #LFCC (as it’s affectionately known) the organisers Showmasters have pulled off a very generous Star Trek line up that resembles a mini DS9 reunion:
Avery Brooks – Captain Benjamin Sisko
Alexander Siddig – Julian Bashir
Armin Shimmerman – Quark
Nana Visitor – Kira Nerys
Rene Auberjonois – Odo
Aron Eisenberg – Nog
Max Grodenchik – Rom
Andrew Robinson – Garak
David Warner – Chancellor Gorkon / Gul Madred
Barry Jenner – Admiral Ross
Salome Jens – Female Shape Shifter
Bruce Gray – Admiral Chekote / Surak
Kitty Swink – Minister Rozahn / Luaran
There will be a DS9 talk on Sunday at 15.30. For full schedule check out the Showmasters forum

We’ll be there on Sunday so look out for us. If you can’t make it then make sure you follow us on Twitter where we will be doing our usual tackless/trek-fueled updates.
If you haven’t been to this event, we recommend it. It’s one of the biggest signing events in the UK but it builds on itself every year. Not only can you get autographs in person but photo’s and talks too. If you’re really freaky lucky you’ll even bump into a celeb in the ladies!
Although it’s sad that there is no Star Trek on TV at the moment it does mean that the Trek series actors are more accessible as crowds are attracted to the ‘flavour of the month’ tv series. (No offence Game of Thrones!). So if you want to meet your favourite Trek Stars, it can be easier and cheaper than at a dedicated Star Trek convention.
Most Excited about: Seeing Alexander Siddig (Carole luuuuvs him!)
Slightly Concerned: Asking Salome Jens an inappropriate question about Visible Panty Lines. She is a hero though, every time we’re sporting VPL we just shrug and remember it’s good enough for a God.


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