Anovos – affordable costumes

Anovos, the premium Star Trek and Battlestar costuming gurus, have just sent out this email announcing their new Standard line of costumes. Designed to be comfortable and accurate, most importantly they have used the word ‘affordable’. This is great news for those of us who want the look but not the credit card debt!

As we have gone all routes, from having costumes made, buying from the cosplay eBay stores and the superb premium line at Anovos, we are really hoping this is the happy medium us fans have been waiting for.

New Destination Star Trek to be revealed!

It’s the moment we have been waiting for since we shuffled out of London Excel with a Romulan Ale hangover and someones vulcan ear stuck to our left boob.  It’s coming back!!!!  Check out:

As we recall from last year, the convention gods love torturing us by slowly drip feeding us information and it looks like the same is happening again with the next reveal in 5 days. 

So keep an eye on your inbox, check their website and make sure you’re following @StarTrek_DST on twitter. And us of course! Because we will be doing our usual detective work to uncover What The Spock is happening.

Star Trek London was such a blast but you know what we Trekkies say about even numbers!! 

A Subreddit full of Wheatons

Ever wondered what Wesley Crusher got up too after he ran off with the Traveller? Maybe he used his powers to manipulate space and time to become various crew members from each series?
Sure beats staying in his room with that voice recorder he made once.

 Check out some of these incredible photoshopped imaginings coming out of the Treknobabble Subreddit. Made by deadfraggle who made the TOS/TNG cross over pics that spread over the web like a secret whispered at Quarks.

This is our favourite, downloaded it to to full resolution for our own stash.
P.S. Sam’s Wil Wheaton stash, whilst remarkable, still pales in comparison to Carole’s Cumberbatch file which would fill a dysonsphere. 

Mirror Universe TNG top?

Just stumbled across this top by River Island and thought this would be great for an improvised TNG mirror universe cosplay. Best bit is its only £20!

Found on ASOS

Could also be a Starfleet/Klingon crossover with that boobie cutout.