Caption Contest Winner

We had a blast yesterday during our Destination Star Trek takeover. The theme was Data’s Day and we learnt a lot from chatting to you. 

We heard lots of great stories about meeting Brent Spiner including Becca and Kay from Twitter who travelled all the way to Los Angeles from England to watch him perform live in a play.

Espa100 told us a funny story about how they couldn’t understand each other because his English wasn’t very good at the time so they communicated with hands and feet! (images of Data dancing with Dr Crusher come to mind!)
We also learned that most of you think Data swearing in Generations is more humorous than when Q gave Data the gift of laughter!

There were a lot of good suggestions for the caption contest but we picked this one submitted on Facebook by Jodie Roberts. Congrats and thanks for participating! We’ll be back next Wednesday at 8pm!

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