Destination Star Trek Germany – Win party tickets!

As part of our takeover of Destination Star Trek Germany each wednesday, we have “obtained” two tickets to the Saturday night party. As they say on Risa, “What’s ours, is yours” which is why we are giving them away like a psychologically unbalanced Ferengi to one lucky DSTG guest. 

To enter all you need to do is RT this Tweet:

There are some rules *groans*. You must already be attending Destination Star Trek Germany in Frankfurt and hold at least a Saturday entry ticket. These can be purchased here.
You must be aged 16 or over. 
The winner will be picked at random and announced on Wednesday 23rd December.

Good luck everyone! And no using probability devices, all you’ll do is loose at Racketball. 

**Running through universal translator**

Im Rahmen der Übernahme von Destination Star Trek Deutschland der jeden Mittwoch stattfindet, haben wir 2 Tickets für die Party am Samstagabend bekommen. Wie man bei Risa sagt: “Was mir gehört, gehört auch Dir“. Weshalb wir diese Tickets, wie ein psychisch unausgeglichener Ferengi an einen glücklichen DSTG Gast, verschenken werden.
Um gewinnen zu können müsst Ihr einfach den Tweet retteten:

Es gibt einige Regeln * seufz *. Ihr müsst bereits ein Ticket für die Destination Star Trek in Frankfurt und zumindest eine Eintrittskarte für Samstag haben.
Hier könnt Ihr auch die Tickets kaufen.
Ihr müsst mindestens 16 Jahre alt sein um Mitmachen zu können.
Der Gewinner wird nach dem Zufallsprinzip ausgewählt und am Mittwoch den 23. Dezember bekannt gegeben.
Allen Teilnehmern viel Glück!
“And no using probability devices, all you’ll do is loose at Racketball.”

Destination Star Trek Germany – Saturday night party giveaway!

Us at the Klingon Party at DSTL.
Can’t see how Bloodwine is still legal!
On Wednesday 18th December 8pm GMT/9pm CET we will again takeover the Destination Star Trek Twitter and Facebook accounts.

But this time, using the skills of Ferengi taking over the Enterprise Section 31 spies, we have obtained two tickets to the Saturday night party at Destination Star Trek Germany in Frankfurt.  

As it is a time of celebration we want to give these away to one lucky winner! 
Join us on Twitter, Facebook and our blog tomorrow for a live chat and for more information on how you can win this prize. 

This Wednesday we will be talking all things Party and Star Trek so what better prize can we steal giveaway than two tickets to the Saturday night party.

Confession time: We’re ashamed to say we haven’t entered the poll to choose what theme the Saturday night party should be. Because we can’t decide! So we need your help to assimilate the pro’s and con’s of each.

And if you haven’t already, enter the DSTG poll to have your say on the theme for this party.

We hope you can join us!

Win a lunch with LeVar!

**Note: this contest is for US residents only**

Imagine you’re having lunch with LeVar Burton, what do you talk about? Keep it sophisticated and talk about literacy? Or geek out and ask how he developed the Geordi barrel roll?
Think quickly because if you are a US resident and sign up for a free We Care account, you may find yourself in that situation. is in partnership with the AIDS Research Alliance. When you sign up and shop through their website, a contribution is made towards AIDS research. To promote this worthy cause, LeVar Burton will have lunch with one lucky person who signs up. What a great guy! 

The contest is open until the 9th January. Good luck everyone and if you happen to win, please say ‘Hi’ from the Trekkie Girls and ask him something real classy … but all we can think about is holodecks right now! And don’t forget to wear this VISOR ring we mentioned in our previous post too!

Top Trekkie Xmas Presents

What do you buy the Trekkie who has everything? We assume that most fans have the basics, the DVDs (in various formats and editions), the books, the T-Shirts – even the rubbish ones but its sacrilege to throw away anything that bears the word Star and Trek.

So we look to the great material continuum to provide. Here is what we have found:

Forget Diamonds, A VISOR is a girls best friend! Not sure whether the creator went out to design a ring that looked like Geordi’s eye wear or if it was a happy accident but it is certainly unique!
We love this item but only buy this for your most dedicated Trekkie Girl or your love life might start to resemble Geordi’s too. 

Eyephoriadesign via Etsy. £43.73

The ‘Spork’ is sooo 2380, this year it’s all about getting more literal with your fork. 
Not sure whether this is logical or practical but it looks like it has been spat out of a malfunctioning replicator along with sausages dipped in tea. That’s why we want it!
Buy from SilverBellesCrafts on Etsy. £9.37 

Practical and useful! This is a messenger bag meant for 10 inch tablet but use it for anything! Great for cons, and storing smallish items such as photo’s and autographs. Also comes in blue but the yellow stands out so well. It’s also an officially licensed product so laa-dee-da!

We try to keep up with fashion and style but this is compromised when you are as geeky as us! But we believe that Letterman Jackets are fashionable at the moment? But like the wormhole aliens we are not confined to what is now so we say wear this with pride!! 

Buying someone art is a bit tricky, because it’s very personal what you choose to display on the walls of your house. But you don’t care about that, you just need to buy them a present! The retro TOS prints are safe and classy choice. Star Trek Shop UK £15.99

On the other side of the spectrum are these fantastic prints which are great but you probably won’t want to stick on your living room wall. Still, it will be funny to see how they react:  SciFi Fine Art via Etsy £24.99