DSTG day 3

It’s closing up time here at DSTG and we are sad it’s all over. We spent the afternoon doing our Women of Star Trek panel which we hope raised awareness to the role of women in Star Trek and in the audiences that watch it. We are very grateful to all who came and especially those who shared their insights with everyone else.

The William Shatner talk was captivating. He has an ability to answer every question with a remarkable and relevant story from his past.

Karl Urban talked about his other work and quoted his own lines in character much to the audiences delight.

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TNG Shatner event

This was the moment we had been looking forward to all weekend. William Shatner hosting the TNG reunion event. We wanted to see how this would play out. How would the personalities of the high energy crazy TNG bunch gel with Bills larger than life persona. And we weren’t disappointed, it was an hour of belly laughs that would make a Targ smile

Whilst Bill was the moderator, it was Brent who got the first question in asking how Bill felt when he heard about the Next Gen being made? You got to admire his honesty when we said “with great envy and jealousy”!

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DSTG Day 2 panels

Mornings are not our friend but fortunately we have a timezone shift on our side. So we just made the first talk of the day with Marina Sirtis and LeVar Burton, followed by Gates McFadden and Michael then Brent Spiner. This gave us an envious insight into what life must have been like back on the TNG sets. We say envious because we would have loved to have been part or that comraderie. But it’s a privilege to have them share their stories with us fans.

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Round up DSTG Day One

We arrived a few hours before the convention opened via a sneaky site to site beam in. As we walked in the opening vista is the beautiful Enterprise D bridge. We were a bit nervous when we heard the organisers had commisioned their own bridge to be made, could such a venture be trusted in a commercial venture? (typical lefties) but we were stood relieved on the bridge which is a sympathetic tribute. Most importantly, you feel like a boss sat in that chair!

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