My First Star Trek Convention: A Brief Introduction to The Original TiT

As I stood at the bottom of the steps, mic in my uncontrollably shaking hand, I assured myself that even if they did throw tomatoes, I was in a red dress, so at least the stains wouldn’t show. In a flash it was time to ascend those steps, on to the waiting stage and face my fears. At least I wasn’t alone, I had my fellow Trekkie Girls Carole and Teressa with me – if this ship was going down, we were sure as hell going down together!

This was my first experience of a Star Trek convention and I can hand-on-heart say, I absolutely LOVED every single minute of it!!

As it was, there was a rather modest audience for our cadet level quiz (undoubtedly thanks to the lovely introduction from Jordan Hoffman!), which seemed to be graciously accepted and enjoyed by all. Once my feet hit that stage, my nerves were gone and I had an absolute whale of a time! (Although my hands continued to shake inexplicably for some time to come?!).
Let me introduce myself – my name is Sarah and I have known Trekkie Girl Sam for almost 18 years, and Carole for nearer 28 years! One of my earliest memories of Sam is of her dressing up on a school fancy dress day as Captain Jean Luc Picard – complete with flesh coloured rubber swimming cap! That girl was BORN a Trekkie!? (Sorry I have no photographic evidence of this!) They are without doubt the nicest people I know. We have laughed together, cried together and supported each other through good and bad times. These girls are my family.

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DST3 day 3

So Day 3 the final frontier

So the day after the night before – the night before being a Our Man Bashir inspired party, everyone was dressed in their trekkie finest and enjoying the music of both James Darren and Tim Russ who put on stellar shows. It again was a messy night continuing into the wee hours, thank you to Larry Nemecek who put up with our company for far too much of the evening.

Strange photo bomb

Sunday was about three people:

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DST3 Day 2 Overview

DST3 day 2

Aka its not easy being green
With a 7am make up call and maybe 4 hours sleep…

Oh my god I forgot to mention the Friday night party on my day 1 overview. So the amazing Risa themed party with the Enterprise Blues Band playing, made for a  great night. We partied with the Engage Podcast and danced the night away. The band stayed to sign CDs and join in the fun, Steve Rankin even stage driving at one point the success of which must be partly credited to the OriginalTiT – Sarah. The atmosphere was amazing and even after the bar closed the party continued…hence why for most of the morning of day 2 we were a trekkie girl down.  Naughty Tress

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Destination Star Trek 3 Round up

As some of you may have heard the amazing TrekkieGirl Sam has had the most adorable little baby boy Hugh
So it has fallen to me to take up the blogging helm – so let me first apologise for the bad spelling and appalling grammar. But please do stick with me pretty please….
Thank you
Destination star trek 3 over view Day 1
It started with us sneaking in, arriving a little early and making ourselves at home, obviously meaning we headed straight for the bridge which was no less as impressive as it had been in Germany. Knowing that soon not only would the TNG crew but the Shat himself  be sat in those very seats we were excited to say the least.
But there was little time to explore more before we had to dash (and I do literally mean dash) to the press conference hosted by the terrific Jordan Hoffman where the equally as fabulous Jeri Ryan and Marina Sirtis took centre stage. This was our first taste of what was to come and already we were bouncing like kids at Christmas.

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Trekkie Girls the Next Generation

Looking on like proud captains me and Sam are very excited to see our fledgling TiTs (Trekkies In Training) take to the centre stage this weekend. Me and Sam have tested them to their limits ( we made them watch the Star Trek the Motion Picture), have taught them how to survive a convention (though we are throwing them in the deep end this Saturday – lookout for the photos ) we have followed them on their journey to TrekkieGirls and we couldn’t be prouder. I will be honoured to have them on stage with me this Friday 1630 for their first public appearance as we host a TiT quiz at Destination Star trek’s Excelsior stage.

Hopefully see you there So join us if you’re attending or follow us on @TrekkieGirls, @TheOriginalTiT, @snoweycampbelle for all the latest Destination Star Trek gossip image