We are Hugh

You may recall my trektastic pregnancy announcement with the TNG crew at DSTG last February. Well it’s a long overdue introduction but we named our little one Hugh. Although it was very nearly Jean-Luc, right down to a heated discussion in the registars office. Who, by the way, was a Trekkie herself and was very keen on the name.


Born September 15th 2014 by C-Section – how envious I am of Samantha Wildmans transporter delivery or indeed, Borg maturation chambers!

We have been overwhelmed by the kindness of others who have helped give Hugh a proper headstart in fandom. His Starfleet top pictured above was lovingly hand made by a family friend Jane and his Jean-Luc teddy knitted by his Granny.

Huey was born two weeks before DST3, but that didn’t stop him attending his first ever Star Trek convention. But he thinks Leonard Nimoy is his Grandad because they Skyped!

Hugh loves wearing his Starleet outfits (good because he has plenty!) but we do worry about what sort of parents take their baby out in a red shirt.



We must give a special Thank You to RaysScraps and our Original TiT Sarah, for this beautiful handmade Starship Enterprise mobile. Ray doesn’t normally ship to the UK but Sarah, ever the charmer, contacted him and he kindly sent this. Its it adorable and beautifully made!

As well as making sure he is kitted out with the finest Trek attire, we are also keen to raise him with the principles and morales of the Federation. Its interesting rewatching episodes from a parents point of view. I used to be very much Picard-like; Get off my bridge!

I don’t think I’m a Sisko – wouldn’t let my little one be possessed by the Pah Wraiths and battle it out. Nope, I’ll stick with my role model, Lwaxana Troi. May I always be overbearing, over the top, extravagant but well meaning.

And as for Hugh, welcome to the greatest and friendliest extended family in the world, the Trekkies. May you Live Long and Prosper.

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