Leonard Nimoy – Remember


Rest In Peace Leonard Nimoy.

I’m sure in the next few days more words will come. But for now we are finding great comfort watching the love and support for this great man pour through our social media streams. The fact that the outpouring extends well beyond the Trek family shows what a true legend he was. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and everyone’s lives he touched.

For now we “Remember”.

“He’s really not dead. As long as we remember him.” – McCoy


Interview – Robert Duncan McNeill and Manu Intiraymi

The Trekkie Girls alongside the Visionary Trek podcast, interview Robert Duncan McNeill and Manu Intiraymi at the 21st SF Ball – The Grand Harbour Hotel Southampton. 7th February 2014. As usual they drift off topic!

SF Ball 21

On Saturday we packed up ready for the SF Ball in it’s new home at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton. Carole had to work so I took Sarah, our Trekkie In Training, along.

Because of new baby, we couldn’t stay along as we wanted (like, all weekend!) so this review isn’t as thorough as we’d like however we wanted to make an effort and see what we could of the Ball after hearing so much praise.

We have been to all sorts of conventions, some are massive signing events, some are like a small gathering of friends, others are like drunken nights at Quarks. From what we saw of the SF Ball, it is a mixture of everything.

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Trekkie Girls The Next Generation Ep 1

The Trekkie Girls are back for 2015 with their Trekkie In Training (TiT) Sarah. In this episode they discuss how Sarah got on watching S1 of The Next Generation

The Original TiT’s TNG Season 1 review

(A couple of) people suggested I “blog” about my TNG Season 1 experience. So, here are the musings of a mere novice TiT on what was undeniably a rollercoaster ride of an introduction to Star Trek…


The first thing that struck me was how dated it seemed, I just didn’t realise it was made in 1987, almost 30 years ago! It’s nearly as old as me 😉 So right from the start I knew I had to make allowances for things such as the fashion, style and SFX (and something I had to continuously remind myself of throughout!). I actually really liked the totally 80s soundtrack – I could tell instantly what sort of episode was going to follow – it’s a shame the music guy later got the sack (or so I’m told?).

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