Trekkie Girls ep – Leonard Nimoy, Remember

The Trekkie Girls Carole and Sam are joined by their Trekkie In Training Sarah to discuss what Leonard Nimoy and Spock meant to them.

First Contact Day – Get your tickets quick!

First Contact Day is all about knocking back tequila celebrating the dawn of the Federation, an era of peace and hope for Humanity. What better way to celebrate it than in the company of our fellow Trekkies.

This year be sure to check out the return of the third First Contact Day being held 4th – 5th April in Leicester’s National Space Centre with guests including Garrett Wang (Voyager’s Harry Kim), Claudia Christian (Babylon 5) Trek Authors Una McCormack and James Swallow, Alan Flyng (Star Wars) and a Skype chat with our all time favourite Trek expert Larry Nemecek.


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