Election Fever

Having worked in politics, this is the first year in my adult voting life that I won’t be participating in a general election. (campaigning that is, I’m going to vote of course!)

Star Trek very much influenced my decision to go in to politics so for this blog post I’d like to look at some of the Trek characters that fit in to some of the real life politician personality types I have encountered.

This is just for fun. But I’d love to hear your thoughts and your suggestions.

The Single Issue Guy

chief-obrien copyChief O’Brien would be the type of politician who is always campaigning tirelessly for the same thing.  He has a singular focus, he went in to politics to sort out transporter technology regulation, the Cardassian encroachment of Federation territories or the rights of non-comm officers. The chamber could be talking about the furtherest thing from his pet subject, but he’ll find a way to make his speech relevant. Beloved by his own constituents he is impervious to the changing tides of political persuasion or even punching journo’s in the face.

Economy Guy


Ahh the ultimate capitalist. Low taxation, heck no taxation! No benefits either, the great material continuum will provide. Most likely to make it to Chancellor than Prime Minister. Small State, Big Lobes. Enjoyed a profitable career consulting on the side. That’s our Quark.


winnBorn to rule. Opposed to change, wants a position on every committee. Winn is power driven and she deserves her job, just because. Why be a Vedek when you can be Kai. Justified in her actions by believing that she is best for the job and uses fear and manipulation to keep her rightful standing in society.



Yes, there are lots of good, hard working and honest politicians but they don’t sell newspapers. Picard would probably not make it to PM for rattling too many big wigs. Think how many times he has held a corrupt Admiral accountable! Our dear Capitaine would have held a distinguished career before entering politics. He is sure of himself, his values and never waivers or compromises. When he addresses the floor, a silence falls over the chamber as he holds the attention of every occupant.

Too Nice


Nog. Ah Nog. Thrown in the deep end as Grand Nagus. He isn’t sure how he got into politics. Has a team of advisors, campaign managers, PR folk and agent all who have an excellent grasp on how Nog should be doing things. This is just as well because poor Nog doesn’t have a clue except for some sweet cliches about how he wants ‘everyone to just get along’.

Needy Ego/Defector


Just love me!! Holds a very safe seat (except that time he got busted for an extra-marital affair but hey, who hasn’t!) Dukat tries to win the love an affection of his opposition. This sounds weird but I worked with a guy like this. You know who you are!

You don’t quite know what Dukat feels towards the Bajorans aka opposition? Does he truly hate them and wants to hurt them from within? Did he really have a change of heart and wants to be one of them? Or was it when his career in his existing Government fell through he tried his luck with the Bajorans in a desperate bid to stay relevant.

Sell Out

“But I promised my people a tax break on Kanar!”


Damar. Ohh Damar. I love Damar. I think a lot of politicians fall in to the Damar trap. And I feel for the guy here. Now I can’t write this without it reading as if I’m comparing Damar and Weyoun to Nick Clegg and David Cameron. So disclaimer alert, bias alert. I’m probably comparing Damar and Weyoun to Nick Clegg and David Cameron.

The deal has been struck, Damar is Deputy Prime Minister. Woohoo! That’s gotta feel good. Yeah but you have to work with Weyoun. You hammer out a deal. You’re going to get some sweet stuff for your people. But most of all, you think of the alternative. Dominion Invasion of the alpha quadrant. Damar is able to justify much of his actions by the logic of ‘look at the alternative’. But to his people he has become a sell out. It’s only when the Dominion start flirting with a new party that’s completely bonker aka The Breen that Damar takes action and becomes the self sacrificing hero at the end, but only when the outcome becomes obvious was it easy for him to take a stand.

Hope you enjoyed these comparisons, they were made for fun and not intended to offend. Please comment with anymore you’d like to add….

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