Simon Pegg and Memory Alpha

Having stumbled across this snippet on Treknews of an interview with Simon Pegg with the New York Daily News, we are pleased to learn that Simon Pegg has been referring to Memory Alpha whilst writing for Star Trek: Beyond.

We’re hoping this means lots of hidden Easter eggs, crossovers and blantent references in our belovered Star Trek universe. 

We know that Pegg is a self confessed fan, so why do we love that he is browsing our favourite Trek site? For Borg level perfection, obviously! We like our references to be tidy and laser scalpel sharp. 

It’s also a good indication that he respects the franchise and us nit-picky fans, that he wants to deliver it well. Either that or he went to google a spelling (maybe Qo’noS!? – ouch!) and then got stuck in the most horrendous wiki-loop ever. 

Btw, does anyone else play this game on Memory Alpha? Pick two random and seemingly unconnected aspects of Star Trek and try to link to them in as few moves as possible. So Star Trek on the page Qo’noS and get to Tricorder clicking only hyperlinks within each entries. How many pages does it take you?

Trekkie Girls – Spinoffs, WTS and Kes

We’re a bit late uploading this one!

The Trekkie Girls discuss rumours around new series, update on the SF Ball and attempt to decipher Zachary Quinto’s tweets in What The Spock. Contains adult (albeit immature) humour.

LFCC Sunday 19th July 2015

It’s that time of year again for one of our convention staples. Showmaster’s London Film and Comic Con.

We’ve been attending these for years. It feels like that familiar family holiday we take together. But this year stands out. This year it was BIG!! There was some serious guest star pulling power happening.

We heard that it was going to be hot and that it was crazy busy (It always seems to fall on the hottest day of the year!).  We prepared ourselves mentally and physically for this away mission. Lots of water, tiny TNG skant dresses, water, we even bought new boots that were super comfy (sign that we’re getting old). Armed with this and psyching ourselves up for standing around in a sweaty moshpit, we were actually relieved to find it wasn’t as bad as we had imagined it to be.

When we got in were amazed how much the show had grown. Vendors everywhere, guest stars everywhere but also new calibre of vendors such as the SyFy channel…ohh fancy! We headed straight to find the Star Trek actors, naturally. Garrett Wang is always super nice whenever we see him. We’re not sure if he actually remembers us each time we talk to him but he is polite enough to suggests that he does.

We also say hi to Tim Russ who is such a lovely sweet man and again, he politely says he remembers us and we like to believe he is telling us the truth when in fact he is probably giving a coded signal to his handler to save him from the crazy ladies!

Nichole de Boer was too busy for us to interject so we gawked at how tiny and beautiful she is. She doesn’t seem to have aged a day!

Star Trek Talk

Time for the Star Trek talk in the Super Hall. It was super because it was cool in there! The talk was free which was nice and it was well attended. It was supposed to be Tim Russ, Garret Wang and Ethan Philips but Ethan cancelled.

Tim and Garrett did separate appearances which was fine because Tim wanted to promote Star Trek Renegades.

Tim was up first and there were some good questions from the audience. When asked what other Captain would he liked to have served under he replied ‘Sisko’ thinking Sisko and Tuvok would be an interesting paring. We can see that, the emotional Captain (much more so than Janeway) versus the rational man.

Tim said that from Tuvok he learnt patience, balancing emotional control through meditation. We suspect that’s from working with Neelix.

Tim also mentioned that he was going to be coming back to London next year for an event??…Are we getting a clue here!?

He then went on to talk about Renegades and how it harkens back to the days of pirates. There’s Section 31, an arc story that would be developed in a weekly series.

Tim finishes his talk with an actioned pack clip of Renegades which you can find on the Official Renegades site.

Time for Garrett….ohh Garrett. He is a funny man! We laughed all the way through his talk. He doesn’t hold back. When asked who he’d like to serve under he stated Picard. Good solid reasons and this got nods of approval all round. The he says said “I’d have to serve under Picard because Shatner is too…..Shatner!”. He then proceeded to tell the story of how he first met William Shatner. If you haven’t heard it, we won’t ruin it because like all Garrett’s stories you need to hear them with his delivery, otherwise we’d ruin them. But that’s what makes a good guest to these shows. One who comes armed with a pile of funny anecdotes from their time working at the show. They are able to take any question from the audience and by answering, they deliver one of their gems.

I (Sam) asked a question. With all the talk about Renegades, Captain Worf, Axanar, The Rikers in Space etc I wondered what Garrett’s pitch for a Star Trek spin off would be? It’s going to be funny isn’t it? And we weren’t disappointed. It was to be a Scrubs/Star Trek mix! But he also had an idea for an episode that involves the original Harry Kim. Remember, the Kim who came home with Voyager doesn’t technically belong in the prime universe. He was killed in Deadlock in a Vidiian attack. Well, what if he wasn’t killed? He was assimilated by the Borg and then sent on a mission later to get 7 of 9 back? So basically he gets it on with 7 of 9! After many belly laughs, the talk is over and we conclude that Garrett is indeed a changling who could infiltrate the highest level of Starfleet because his impressions are *that* good.

Time for a wonder around and say hello to friends we have made on the internet.

Sigorney Weaver

That’s right, SIGORNEY WEAVER! At LFCC. That’s like, super famous! The moderated talk was held in a rather nice theatre room and it was very civilised. We felt it was more in keeping with those interviews with celebrities you might see on the Art Channel where they talk about existentialism, method acting and whether you prefer curled leaf or Dino Kale. It was a skill on part of the moderator and Ms Weaver how they maintained elegance, grace and sophistication whilst talking about an alien bursting out of a persons chest cavity.

Unlike us who were sat there tweeting about how sophisticated we found this whilst our inner geek was screaming “TALK ABOUT GALAXY QUEST!!!!!”

Alas it did not take long for one of our kind in the audience to mention Galaxy Quest. Ms Weaver (She is so awesome, that’s how I feel we must address her!) said that originally they didn’t want to cast anyone with sci-fi experience but she felt those who had worked in the genre had a deeper understanding and were best placed to deliver it. We agree. We agree with everything she says.

Time to get some Autographs. Carole gets Hayley Atwell and Iain Glen. She’d got Virtual Tickets in the morning but one wasn’t up yet but with the scheduled talks the staff were very reasonable and as the queues weren’t too bad and let her in. It’s always worth asking the staff, it’s true what they say, they’re there to help.

Back To The Future Reunion

2015 marks the 30 year anniversary of BTTF and is the same year they visit in the future. How Showmasters pulled this off…? Well we hear rumours of Ceti Eels.

Somehow they got together practically the entire cast including Michael J Fox!

Seeing them all on the stage together was surreal. These are films are such a huge part of our upbringing. They are timeless (boom!).

Michael J Fox has hardly aged, it was as if Marty McFly were on stage. There was a wonderful rapport between Fox and Christopher Lloyd. In fact with all the cast, there was a strong sense of camaraderie. Harry Waters Jr wore his tuxedo jacket and wooed the crowd with Earth Angel. We tried to sing along but his voice was wonderfully deep.


Overall it was an incredible day and as a Comic Con, it stands above the rest. Thank you to everyone who stopped to say hi to us and to Showmasters for permitting us access to this event.

In case you’re wondering how we picked which division we’d each wear for our skinniest, we picked which colour suited our skintones best. Not at all geeky but our individual skill sets are poorly matched for Starfleet unfortunately!

Credit @Carrcuss
Credit @Carrcuss

Highlight: Meeting all our friends, Seeing SpockVegas, Sigourney Weaver, Michael J Fox, Lunch!

Weird bit: Being asked at the train station if we were on our way to or from work! Ummm, Starfleet ain’t real you know!?

Not so sure about : Virtual Queuing. We know you all love it but unless you have big screens saying what numbers are up, why not just use time slots? That said, we had no problems getting our autos.

Funny bit: Carole and Sarah’s reactions when they saw how short I’d made their dresses! Mwa haha. And mistaking an actual monk at the station for a Jedi!

Bluetooth Communicator – UK Stockist

When tweeted the news that an officially licenced Bluetooth Commuicator that connects to your phone, is about to hit the market we didn’t need to read too much more to shout out “shut up and take my Latinum!”

But where in the UK can we get our hands on this bleeping beauty!?

Set coordinates for to get your preorder in now. The bad news is it’s not available until January 2016. The good news is that it means it’s just in time for next years 50 year anniversary celebration of Star Trek (more on that to follow). We can’t wait to hang up on a PPI claim call in this!

Here’s all the nitty-gritty details should you require more convincing:

  • Bluetooth handset that pairs with your mobile phone
  • Make and receive mobile telephone calls like a fully-fledged Starfleet commander
  • Painstakingly highly-detailed and accurate to the original
  • 3D scanned from the last remaining Communicator prop in existence
  • Force your loved ones to answer your calls with ‘Bridge here, Captain.’
  • This Trekkies fans’ dream will include a sleek stand which uses an invisible magnetic catch to hold it securely in place whilst also boasting built-in wireless charging capability to make sure that the Communicator will always be full of juice and ready for use.
  • With its host of authentic Star Trek sounds and recorded conversation fragments, it is a cosplayer’s dream come true. The Communicator also works as an audio speaker to play music streaming from your mobile phone or MP3 player.

Chris Barnardo, co-founder of The Wand Company said: “With Star Trek’s 50th anniversary next year, we were thrilled to be able to make a real working Communicator, something we know the fans have dreamed about owning since it was first used in the show. The success of our Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser has shown us how passionate and dedicated Star Trek fans really are, so it has been very exciting to work on this project,”

£119.95 … Or ask Father Christmas.

Product Features:

  • Highly accurate prop replica: created from 3D laser scans of the last known screen-used hero props
  • This fully functioning Bluetooth handset means you can make and receive phone calls like a Starship Enterprise crew member
  • Contactless charging: just place on the magnetic stand to charge
  • Authentic SFX sounds and voices from the StarTrek universe
  • Includes high quality light foam lined hard transit case
  • High quality speaker is perfect for hands free calls and playing music
  • Equally high quality MEMS microphone means crystal clear call quality
  • Officially licensed by CBS

London Film and Comic Con 17th -19th July

We’re going back to one of our favourite events of the year London Film and Comic Con! And ‘going back’ is a theme this year with a Back To The Future reunion no less!

Taking place in the Olympia Hall  on  Friday 17th July, Saturday 18th and Sunday the 19th of July 2015 be sure to book your tickets fast as the ever popular show has even more wow factor this year to attract the crowds.

The  guest that has sent shockwaves through geekdom was the big announcement that Michael J Fox will be joining Christopher Lloyd, Claudia Wells, Donald Fullilove, Jeffrey Weissman and Lea Thompson for a BTTF cast reunion. You need super tickets for MJF but it’s so rare, it’s got to be worth it.

Showmasters have also ‘obtained’ (for want of a better word!) some more unique guests such as Sigorney Weaver and Neve Campbell! Amazing, how do they get these people!? (Imagining Borat and Pamela Anderson situation).

But hey, we’re the Trekkie Girls, focus! As usual Showmasters have provided us Trekkies with some fan favourites. Including

  • Malcolm McDowell
  • Nicole De Boer
  • Tim Russ
  • Ethan Philips
  • Garrett Wang
  • Jacqueline Kim
  • Clifton Collins Jr
  • Alice Krige

Show opening times:

Friday 1pm to 8pm

Saturday 9am to 6pm (SOLD OUT)

Sunday 9am to 6pm
We’ll be there on Sunday 19th with our Trekkie in Training Sarah. Do come and say Hi. Now if I can just get a Delorean so I can have more time to make these costumes!