Bluetooth Communicator – UK Stockist

When tweeted the news that an officially licenced Bluetooth Commuicator that connects to your phone, is about to hit the market we didn’t need to read too much more to shout out “shut up and take my Latinum!”

But where in the UK can we get our hands on this bleeping beauty!?

Set coordinates for to get your preorder in now. The bad news is it’s not available until January 2016. The good news is that it means it’s just in time for next years 50 year anniversary celebration of Star Trek (more on that to follow). We can’t wait to hang up on a PPI claim call in this!

Here’s all the nitty-gritty details should you require more convincing:

  • Bluetooth handset that pairs with your mobile phone
  • Make and receive mobile telephone calls like a fully-fledged Starfleet commander
  • Painstakingly highly-detailed and accurate to the original
  • 3D scanned from the last remaining Communicator prop in existence
  • Force your loved ones to answer your calls with ‘Bridge here, Captain.’
  • This Trekkies fans’ dream will include a sleek stand which uses an invisible magnetic catch to hold it securely in place whilst also boasting built-in wireless charging capability to make sure that the Communicator will always be full of juice and ready for use.
  • With its host of authentic Star Trek sounds and recorded conversation fragments, it is a cosplayer’s dream come true. The Communicator also works as an audio speaker to play music streaming from your mobile phone or MP3 player.

Chris Barnardo, co-founder of The Wand Company said: “With Star Trek’s 50th anniversary next year, we were thrilled to be able to make a real working Communicator, something we know the fans have dreamed about owning since it was first used in the show. The success of our Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser has shown us how passionate and dedicated Star Trek fans really are, so it has been very exciting to work on this project,”

£119.95 … Or ask Father Christmas.

Product Features:

  • Highly accurate prop replica: created from 3D laser scans of the last known screen-used hero props
  • This fully functioning Bluetooth handset means you can make and receive phone calls like a Starship Enterprise crew member
  • Contactless charging: just place on the magnetic stand to charge
  • Authentic SFX sounds and voices from the StarTrek universe
  • Includes high quality light foam lined hard transit case
  • High quality speaker is perfect for hands free calls and playing music
  • Equally high quality MEMS microphone means crystal clear call quality
  • Officially licensed by CBS

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