UK Star Trek anniversary event in London 2016?

If you watched our latest episode, we revealed some clues that hint that a big London based Star Trek anniversary is heading our way in 2016. Here’s where we found our clues.

The major spoiler was from Kate Mulgrew in this interview:

A 50 year celebration is planned for London in 2016, she tells us, with all five captains in attendance..


Source: UK Gay Times

In addition, Tim Russ russ let it slip during his talk at Lomdon Film and Comic Con that he’d be returning to London for an event in 2016:

What do you think? We have enquired with the usual suspects but everyone is being tight lipped. Have you heard anything? Have the Trekkie Girls once again gone all Section 31 with the big con organisers and discovered their plans??

7 thoughts on “UK Star Trek anniversary event in London 2016?”

  1. Would you ladies consider a network marketing idea that could redefine and reposition the Trekkie Girls???

    1. A lot are coming to the convention in Birmingham in October. Can’t find anything referencing a big London thing just yet…

  2. Has anyone been to Destination Star Trek before? Can you tell me what (if anything) your entrance ticket actually gets you? I can’t afford to meet everyone or go to all the paid talks. Is there any thing to see/do with just your entrance ticket?

    1. I haven’t been BUT the website says there is one (two? can’t recall) stages of free talks and competitions etc. Signings and autographs are extra, as are the evening parties. If you check the site it shows you exactly what is on offer, what you have to pay additional charges for…

      It is worth taking a look at the site yourself to see if it’s for you…

      But obviously there can be no Anton Yelchin 😥

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