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Following on from last Saturday’s successful Live Chat, we have decided to make it a regular thing. Looking at all of the platforms for streaming we have chosen to trial Periscope as it’s simple, free and can be linked to Twitter. If you’re a Periscope user, be sure to follow us @TrekkieGirls.

We’ll be sampling it for the first time this Sunday as we report live from a Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage at The Royal Albert Hall. 

Dare we admit that we have even bought a selfie stick so we are no longer reliant on the kindness of strangers to record us! … Although whether we are capable of revealing our selfie stick in public is another matter. The shame!!

Stand by for dates for our next live episodes.  

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage Wishlist

After our cheeky question to Ron Jones (Star Trek TNG Composer) asking what can we expect from this Sunday’s concert being held at the Royal Albert Hall, we have been wondering what we’d like to hear.

We were pleased and fascinated by something that Ron said when we spoke to him, that they’ll be a lot of surprises and that they dug deep to find the pieces of music that aren’t embedded into the fans consciousness.

This makes it particularly hard to pick out the ‘best musical scores’ over our favourite scenes across the Star Trek franchise. But here’s a few!…

The Corbomite Manoeuvre

This is very familiar to the fans but there is something iconic about this music. I’m not sure what feeling it was meant to evoke or what atmosphere it was trying to create but it goes wonderfully with Kirks blasé attitude towards Blalok.

Star Trek The Search for Spock

Here we felt the music when Kirk and the crew steal the Enterprise,moist perfectly. It adds to the suspense of if they’d get the space doors open in time. It is quintessentially Trek, emphasising that even though what they are doing is technically bad, it’s THEIR ship!

Star Trek Insurrection

Whilst not our favourite movie, this has one of the best sound tracks. The opening credits are pretty and sweet. In fact, Sam used this soundtrack for her wedding. Starting off all sweet and wedding like, it builds up to the TNG theme tune. But it’s grander than the TV version. Next time you watch Insurrection, listen to the closing credits right to the end. Make sure you turn up the volume very loud. You won’t be disappointed.

Badda Bing Badda Bang


The Inner Light

If they don’t play this, we’ll eat our tricorders.

So there’s just a few we’d like to hear. The more we though about it,  more scenes kept coming to us from all series and all movies. But we found ourselves falling in to the trap of picking the most popular scenes. We are looking forward to experiecing Star Trek from a new angle. An angle that has always been there, but perhaps we haven’t appreciated as much as we could have before.

What are your favourite scores and soundtracks?

Hopefully see you this Sunday at the Royal Albert Hall


Ron Jones Interview – Star Trek The Ulimate Voyage

Ahead of Sunday’s trektastic concert at the Royal Albert Hall, we were kindly offered the opportunity to talk to Ron Jones who was the composer on Star Trek The Next Generation on seasons 1-4.

Ron will be appearing as a guest conductor at Star Trek The Ultimate Voyage on Sunday 1st November and we understand there are still some tickets left, but be quick!


TGs: You continued the theme of classical music scores in to TNG, do you know how that decision came about?

RJ: There was a lot of discussion between Gene Roddenberry and Bob Justman. Paramount and the executive side were worried as TNG was so different with a bald British captain, a Klingon on the bridge, a different cast. They were worried that the TOS fans would see this and be in shock. They told us liberally to use weed out the theme from Jerry Goldsmith and Alexander Courage’s themes from the movies.

As the show progressed, we got our legs in the the middle of the second second and defiantly by the third season. Then the music got its own thing.

TGs: So much like how TNG is believed to have come in to its own by season 2/3, you felt the music had also came into its own by then?

RJ: As characters, when they started, they didn’t really know each other then after a while, they would add a sense of humour, become much more relaxed and figure out what they were all about. The writers too had to figure out what the show was all about. It evolved weekly but it hit critical mass about that time.

TGs: How connected were you to the development of the show?

RJ: I can’t tell the story visually so I have tell the listener and inform them as to the emotional content. I would read the script and before I start writing a note I would ask, ‘what is the show about? What is this character about’. If that character was a melodic device, turn it into a musical thing or that feeling, what would it be? What would the feeling of the situation they are in be? So I do a lot of work, I become totally submerged into the emotional content and tried to decipher as much as I can of those emotional queues, those emotional keys. And so those ideas start to collide. If it starts of they’re in adventure mode, They can be in in a scene that is scientific and exciting and then all of a sudden something crazy happens and it all changes. So I have to bat that all out, which is my own personal way. A lot of composers sit down and look at the show and do the first thing that come to their mind and there’s not any thought about it. for me I do so much work, it’s like building a giant structure and so even now when I look back now I have a portfolio of notes where I wrote down all of the characters and I think when people that really listen to the scores they’ll hear that, they’ll hear that jerry goldsmith style, they’ll hear my style. Some of the composers were sensitive to that and other composers have that all unique approach to it and don’t go to all that trouble.

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