Alexander killed K’Ehleyr!

How this evaded the chief of security, a Sherlock Holmes loving Android and sophisticated forensic technology is remarkable.

Found on one of the Star Trek fan groups on Facebook and posted with permission from it’s original poster Allen Thompson. This theory has changed the way we think of sweet little Alexander.


By Allen Thompson….

Duras did not kill K’ehleyr! Alexander did! My evidence..
First he was a aggressive little boy that wanted to attack other children! That episode showed it.
A future episode also showed he liked to lie.
But let’s get back to the episode that k’ehleyr was killed in. Worf comes in with Alexander to find her lying in blood. Does Alexander freak out?? No! He just stands their with almost evil stare. This little kid was not raised Klingon. He was raised more like a human. He should of freaked!! But let’s continue.

Worf ask who did this
“Gowron?” He asked
What does she say? Duras!! It was duras!! No she says “Alexander”
She just pointed out her killer!! Well Worfs ain’t listening. So with her dying breath she puts Alexanders hand on Worfs. She is hoping he would take the little homicidal brat into custody. But no Worf tells him to look at death. Again Alexander “not raised as a tough Klingon” just stairs with almost Norman Bates stare at his dead mom;)

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