Trekkie Girls ep – New Star Trek Series

Last Saturday we took to Periscope Live to discuss all aspects of the New Star Trek Series. Take a look to see who we’d like to be cast, what universe we’d like it to be in and chat with our twitter followers about their thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Trekkie Girls ep – New Star Trek Series”

  1. I want the new series to take place on the year 24,00 the eve of the 25th century, there is a party on deep space nine ‘Xmas/new year’ with ships docked ‘uss Titan’ ‘Voyager’ ‘Enterprise F’ and ‘Aventine’ ready for a upcoming battle introducing a Brand new ship and crew in the new STO era uniforms.
    This new ship can continue it’s Journey in deep space alone later in the series each episode will have on going story arc’s with character flashbacks of there past life ‘Academy’ Ect… with endless guest Appearances from past series. meet admiral Janeway / Picard,
    captain Riker / Dax / Chakotay

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