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Happy Birthday!

Today TNG turns 24!! (since it debuted) which coming from a pair at the grand old age of 29 it doesn’t seem that old. However upon hearing that Enterprise turned 10 years old on the 26th….What The Spock!?  Is there a rip in the space time continuum??

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Episode 3 – Crushes and Crusher

The Trekkie Girls reveal their not-so-obvious Star Trek crushes and they put their Trekkie In Training through the ultimate Kobayashi Maru test.

The Neutral Zone

The first one is Dirty, the second is good for a one night stand and the third will last you allllll night.

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Episode One – Fully Functional

Sam and Carole introduce their new blog. A two girl mission to assimilate new Trekkies, decipher Spock’s tweets and boldly going over, what many Trekkies have discussed before!