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London Film and Comic Con 2013

Writing a post is like entering the shuttlebay doors after a long away mission. Real life pulled us away for a while and we’re a bit behind but got plenty to talk about.

Thanks to all of you who followed our tweets at LFCC, it was a fantastic event with a plentiful and enjoyable Star Trek guest lineup. 

Our highlight was the DS9 Talk which was one of the better Trek talks we have seen. Not only were the answers from the actors superb (naming specific episodes by actual title) but the questions from the audience were particularly astute and original. Well done Trekkies!

Our favourite question from the audience was to Rene Auberjonois asking “what was the liquid used for Odo’s regeneration?” – never heard that one before!
Just as the audience thought Rene would never be able to answer that, he responded “Body fluids and components used in McDonalds Milkshakes.” – Ewww (Just got a visual of the Odo/Female shapeshifter sex scene!).

The turnout amongst fans was particular high and we pay much respect to all in costume as it was as toasty as a spring day on Vulcan in London.


It’s the Sisko


Admiral Ross!!!
But we were truly privilaged to have interviewed Armin Shimmerman, Max Grodénchik and Aron Eisenberg who were super-lovely. We’ll be posting soon!

Away Mission – London Film and Comic Con

After a brief period of having to deal with real life 21st century issues we are grateful for a distraction this weekend and will going on an away mission to London Film and Comic Con!

It’s the best bit about British Summer Time if you ask us! 
At this years #LFCC (as it’s affectionately known) the organisers Showmasters have pulled off a very generous Star Trek line up that resembles a mini DS9 reunion:
Avery Brooks – Captain Benjamin Sisko
Alexander Siddig – Julian Bashir
Armin Shimmerman – Quark
Nana Visitor – Kira Nerys
Rene Auberjonois – Odo
Aron Eisenberg – Nog
Max Grodenchik – Rom
Andrew Robinson – Garak
David Warner – Chancellor Gorkon / Gul Madred
Barry Jenner – Admiral Ross
Salome Jens – Female Shape Shifter
Bruce Gray – Admiral Chekote / Surak
Kitty Swink – Minister Rozahn / Luaran
There will be a DS9 talk on Sunday at 15.30. For full schedule check out the Showmasters forum

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Trekkie Girls ep 22 – LFCC, TNG & TiT

The Trekkie Girls have a look back at July’s London Film and Comic Con including the ‘Thomas Dekker incident’. A quick talk about fantasy TNG reboot and an update from our Trekkies In Training

Convention Report: London Film and Comic Con

We arrived at LFCC about 10am on Saturday 7th. Our Mission: To report on the phenomena that is Comic Con….
Despite being early and having a schedule that a Space Station operations manager would be proud of, we still managed to be 15 mins late to the Star Trek talk (the horror!).
This consisted of Gates McFadden, Elizabeth Dennehy, Hallie Todd and Tracee Cocco. As Sam walked in she pointed at Tracee and yelled ‘Ohh its HER from ops!’ – so crass! 

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Trekkie Girls ep 21 – Convention Report: London Film and Comic Con

Here is a brief taster from Saturdays London Film and Comic Con. Sorry about the sound quality, but as you can hear, the place was buzzing!
We’ll bring you more pictures and a write up shortly…..