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The Original TiT’s Season 3 TNG Review: Pt 2

Well, if they upped the ante with Season 3, then they completely smashed it through the roof with the Season finale cliffhanger! How on EARTH did you guys wait an entire year for the new Season to start? I could scarcely get the DVDs swapped over quick enough!

From the off, you just know there’s something a foot – the music is eerie and there’s a certain note of desperation in Picard’s voice as he records his “Captain’s log”. I don’t recall an ‘opener’ (before the credits roll) as short as that in any of the episodes I’d watched up to that point? It’s like, okay, brief introduction, let’s get the hell on with the story! And by God, didn’t they do that?!

I could literally bang on about these two episodes FOREVER! So much content. So many unanswered questions. Terrific acting (and directing!).

My highlights of TBOBW included: –

  • Meeting (the namesake of one of TrekkieGirls Sam’s two braincells) Shelby
  • Wesley’s poker night facepalm
  • Data failing to understand “the early bird catches the worm”
  • The way Picard makes the little hand movement when he says “engage” (I hadn’t particularly noticed it before?)
  • Geordi’s “drop and roll”
  • Borg. On. The. Bridge. – scary stuff!!!
  • Troi stepping up (standing up to?) and pointing out the error of Riker’s ways… to Riker!
  • That single tear…
  • The ‘promotion’ scene – the “knowing look” between Worf and Data when Shelby is made acting First Officer
  • Guinan’s pep talk with Riker
  • Riker actually sitting down in a chair properly and not “leaning”
  • Picard flashing a bit of flesh at the end
  • And the look on his face when Data pulls his Borg hand off…

 Locutus (2)

…to name, but a few!

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