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Review – Lovarzi Official licensed products

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a Trekkie than take a look at these winter wonders from Lovarzi. As we state in our vblog review, we are cautious when people ask us to review their products – mostly because we don’t want to be in the awkward position of having to saying anything negative should we believe the product be worthy of disposable by a garbage scow!

Fortunately we were relieved to discover that the Umbrella’s and Scarf’s on offer from Lovarzi were good quality so we were happy to give them an honest review.

Available to buy direct from Lovarzi whilst stock lasts … Perfect for this British weather!

What not to buy a Trekkie for Christmas

In previous years, we have scouted the net far and wide looking for the best gifts to help give the Star Trek fan in your life that perfect prezzie.

This year we thought we’d do things a bit differently. You see the problem with being such a well known fan of Star Trek is that it makes for easy gift giving. You can buy just about anything with the brand name stuck to it. Not to sound ungrateful but some products can range from weird to plain horrendous. So here’s a few of our favourite ‘What `the Spock, did they actually make that?’ products….

The Wrath Of Khan – Spock dying – Christmas tree decoration

When Hallmark were looking at Star Treks greatest moments to immortalise them, did they ever think ‘Spock dying on a Christmas tree might be a bit naff?’ Clearly not! You can enjoy this beautiful scene of death during the festive season too. Hey, why not have Tasha being shot by Armus of Jadzia being killed by Dukat too?

USS Enterprise Flying Disk

What is the point of this product! This more useless than a D-12 Bird of Prey being navigated by Guinan’s feelings! We suspect they want it to behave like a frisbee but even in the promotional video their best shot is them chucking an Enterprise shaped piece of plastic between them!

Enterprise cheeseboard


Newly released and obviously aimed at the desperate Christmas shoppers. It looks perfect because, well, cheese and it’s the shape of the Enterprise. But honestly, an Enterprise shaped cheeseboard!? How do people come up with this! We will admit to owning the Enterprise shaped bottle opener and the pizza cutter is clever but this!? Ok the cracker stacker is a nice touch. But Nacelle shaped cutlery!??


This isn’t meant to offend anyone who loves these products, it’s just a bit of fun. If throwing an Enterprise shaped lump of plastic floats your boat then that’s Takei by us!

As Star Trek fans go, anything Trekkie-ish is good with us!

Picard’s Chair on eBay

Our friends at the New Starship Foundation are eBaying the Captain Picard chair from their Bridge that they salvaged from the 1998 Star Trek Tour. 
If us Trekkies have ever got so close to owning THE Picard’s chair, THIS IS IT!!

Seeing as we could barely afford the shipping cost, we wish you other bidders success but secretly hope someone near us wins so we can be friends with you and you’ll invite us around to play any time!

Here are the details:

100% of the proceeds go to the educational nonprofit New Starship Foundation
This Star Trek The Next Generation Captain’s Chair was originally made by Paramount Studios created
for a Star Trek Tour in 1998, then the chair sat outside for over 5 years, left to rot. The wood, fabric and
materials was replaced and the chair was completely restored by The New Starship Foundation, a group
dedicated to restoring the complete Enterprise D Bridge set, which they rescued in 2012.
The arms light up with LCARS graphics and Plexiglas, it sits on a metal base with wooden stand and
5×10 foot carpet. It weighs roughly 240 lbs and is 35″ wide x 38″deep x 57″ tall
This restored Captain’s Chair has been sat in by the original set designer Herman Zimmerman who
commented “It looks better than it did on the set” as well as sat in by 1000’s of people from Houston to
Vegas to San Diego Comic Con, including Star Trek actors Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, 
Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo and Firefly’s Jewel Staite, Buck Roger’s 
Gil Gerard, Battlestar Galactica’s Richard Hatch, Weird Al Yankovic, Bruce Campbell and creator
of Marvel ComicsStan Lee!
We’ve learned a lot about the chair and realized certain corrections in the materials and sizes. Though it’s
98% correct, there are tiny things that it’s easier if we begin from scratch using the designs and creating a
NEW chair for our Bridge. Your donation will help us create a new Captain’s Chair suitable for
Sir Patrick Stewart to sit in.
Buyer pays actual shipping cost, which depends on location.
New Starship Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 educational foundation which is restoring the full
Enterprise-D Bridge. Board members include the original designers, producers and writers behind
Star Trek including Ronald D. Moore, David Gerrold, Andrew Probert, Doug Drexler, Rick Sternbach
and Larry Nemecek. More can be found on their website www.newstarship.com

Top Trekkie Xmas Presents

What do you buy the Trekkie who has everything? We assume that most fans have the basics, the DVDs (in various formats and editions), the books, the T-Shirts – even the rubbish ones but its sacrilege to throw away anything that bears the word Star and Trek.

So we look to the great material continuum to provide. Here is what we have found:

Forget Diamonds, A VISOR is a girls best friend! Not sure whether the creator went out to design a ring that looked like Geordi’s eye wear or if it was a happy accident but it is certainly unique!
We love this item but only buy this for your most dedicated Trekkie Girl or your love life might start to resemble Geordi’s too. 

Eyephoriadesign via Etsy. £43.73

The ‘Spork’ is sooo 2380, this year it’s all about getting more literal with your fork. 
Not sure whether this is logical or practical but it looks like it has been spat out of a malfunctioning replicator along with sausages dipped in tea. That’s why we want it!
Buy from SilverBellesCrafts on Etsy. £9.37 

Practical and useful! This is a messenger bag meant for 10 inch tablet but use it for anything! Great for cons, and storing smallish items such as photo’s and autographs. Also comes in blue but the yellow stands out so well. It’s also an officially licensed product so laa-dee-da!

We try to keep up with fashion and style but this is compromised when you are as geeky as us! But we believe that Letterman Jackets are fashionable at the moment? But like the wormhole aliens we are not confined to what is now so we say wear this with pride!! 

Buying someone art is a bit tricky, because it’s very personal what you choose to display on the walls of your house. But you don’t care about that, you just need to buy them a present! The retro TOS prints are safe and classy choice. Star Trek Shop UK £15.99

On the other side of the spectrum are these fantastic prints which are great but you probably won’t want to stick on your living room wall. Still, it will be funny to see how they react:  SciFi Fine Art via Etsy £24.99

Exclusive Star Trek Into Darkness Gifts!

Today is the the world premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness in London and to celebrate that and its release on 9 May, we have teamed up with Paramount Pictures to bring you a fabulous set of Limited Edition free goodies.

Simply visit the promotional link and choose your gifts whilst stocks last. All the gifts are free – all you pay is the postage and packing fee to ship the items. But be quick, this offer is advertised in national papers this weekend (they have slightly more readers than our blog!)
Our inner Fergeni wants movie related merchandise! Take your pick here