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Marina Sirtis to open The Caravan & Motorhome Show

Marina will be swapping her counsellors couch for a caravan when she opens The Caravan and Motorhome Show at EventCity, Manchester on Thursday 17th January. 

Marina is a supporter of the Caravan Club, which instantly makes it much sexier.

Following the opening, show visitors will also be welcome to meet Marina, who will be signing autographs on The Caravan Club Lounge (stand 3-15).

For more info please check The Caravan and Motorhome Show website.

And check out this gooooorgeous pic of her that was included in the Press Release. 

**Update 16.1.13** If you want to meet Marina, best be early (10am). We hear she will be in a Trek Themed caravan, meeting fans and signing autographs. We have a mental image of Troi trapped in the Shuttle from Skin of Evil! We also kinda hope the caravan has well endowed Nacelles! 
If you do go, please send us some pictures and don’t be shy about suiting up Starfleet style!

Happy Birthday Marina Sirtis

Marina Sirtis is one of our absolute favourites on the show. The queen of Trek in our humble opinion.
So to celebrate Marina’s birthday here are some of our favourite Deanna Troi moments:

I felt she got to show all sides of her character in the episode The High Ground. We got to see her as Counsellor, counselling Wesley for emotional support after Beverly was kidnapped. Then the negotiator, supporting Picard in conflict resolution. But I really liked how she sprung into action on the Bridge when Finn beams onto the bridge. Picard throws that awesome punch and Troi takes care of securing the ship and attending to officers. She showed real strength and courage in that episode.

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