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The Red Shirt Diaries Season 2 – A chat with Ashley

After binge watching S1 of The Red Shirt Diaries (thanks for joining us on our tweet-along!) we got in touch with Ashley (aka Ensign Williams) for a chat before the launch of Season 2.

Season 2 launched last week with the Menagarie pt 1 & 2 now available and it continues it’s fitting tribute to TOS with its wit, style and improved fancy visual effects!

How did you get started with RSD?
I had had the idea for THE RED SHIRT DIARIES right after I graduated from university with the intent of building a show around a rewatch of TOS. I’d never seen TOS in order and blogs are such a popular medium that it seemed a natural match.

When I met Jason Inman I told him about the idea and he was able to bring the skills and understanding of youtube to THE RED SHIRT DIARIES and start it into production. (for those who don’t know, Jason worked for Rhett and Link and currently writes/produces for Screen Junkies and co-hosts DC All Access). 

I remember Jason saying that it would be pretty easy to make THE RED SHIRT DIARIES happen and it has turned out to be the project I’ve given the most of my time and creative energy to!

Any plans for covering other series of Trek after RSD?

Chris Jones from Trek.fm gave us the title MEMOIRS OF A GOLD SHIRT that we’ve always tossed around as an idea for a TNG web series, but that is as much planning as we’ve done beyond finishing the second season right now.

I’m a gigantic Niner, so there’s always the chance that we’ll skip right over to a series about Terok Nor!

If you were to die as a red shirt, how would you like to go!?
Kicking and screaming and taking a part of Captain Kirk with me, because let’s be honest, it’ll be his fault.

Will we see Gertrude again?


Your favourite fan girl moment?
Meeting Conner Trinneer at STAR TREK LAS VEGAS this year. He knew about THE RED SHIRT DIARIES (which is insane), but he was just so genuinely nice and really sets the bar on how to conduct oneself in public.

Anything else you’re working on?

Jason and I cohost a podcast called GEEK HISTORY LESSON and this week’s episode is a discussion called BEST STAR TREK CREW EVER and we’re building our ideal crews out of all the shows/universes. 

Red Shirt Diaries

Unless you have been condemned to Talos for the past week you will have heard that The Red Shirt Diaries Season 2 is about to drop on the Trekkie Community.

And here is where we must confess our dirty secret. We haven’t seen season one yet! Because we always intend too, we haven’t quite got round to doing it. But we don’t want to get left behind. All our podcaster/ blogger friends like it and have interviewed Ashley Robinson (writer, producer and actress) who stars in the web series. 

But that’s about to change. Tonight at 9pm UK time we will sit down and watch them. If you also haven’t had the chance to watch it, or you want to refresh yourself before season 2 starts, join us tonight on Twitter at 9pm.

In brief, the Red Shirt Diaries follows Ensign Williams on the first 10 episodes of the original series will she make it alive! (Spoiler alert, as season two is coming out next week, we expect so!).