Some say they were booted out of Starfleet and sent back to the 21st century as punishment.

Others believe they are two ordinary fans with no lives (Shatner told them).

Join us on our video blogs where we set tasks for our Trekkies In Training (TiTs) and Trekkies With Advanced Training, that rival the Kobayashi Maru test, give advice on ‘How to Survive Star Trek Conventions’ and attempt to decipher Zachary Quinto’s tweets.

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Has been a Star Trek fan since in the womb (fluidic space). Her new years resolution is always to learn Klingon. Diet Coke drinker. Former politician, future Captain.


caroleTGaboutThinks we are all stuck in a holodeck. Loves Marmite and Optimus Prime. All round geek skills, collects collectables.

Also part of the Trekkie Girls Collective:



The Original Trekkie In Training. Sarah will be assimilated into the Trekkie way of life.  Follow her journey as she boldly watches Star Trek for the first time.



Tress is a life long fan who is aiming to increase her Trek credentials by becoming one of our Trekkies With Advanced Training. Tress often accompanies the Trekkies Girls on away missions.

Feel free to contact us via the form below.

Also check out our Press page to enquire about convention coverage and consultancy.

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24th Century Socialites. Often found in Quarks, Ten Forward and the VIP bars of Risa

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